UAB "Elektroninė dėlionė" implemented the EU-funded project "Partner search for the development of international R&D&I initiatives by developing new information technology products"

UAB "Elektroninė dėlionė" is an innovative, fast-growing IT company, whose main activities include consulting services, development of innovative TV/MultiMedia systems and development of applications for Smart TV platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc. The advantages of the company are deep knowledge of business processes, expert consulting, skills of development and improvement of used management systems and creation of personalized advanced software solutions. Using its knowledge and global best practices, the company develops modern, exclusive smart TV solutions that best meet the needs of customers, their users and the market.

In order to develop and introduce new products and solutions to the market, the company implemented the project "Partner search for the development of international R&D&I initiatives by developing new information technology products", partly financed by the EU structural funds.

Project number 01.2.1-LVPA-T-844-01-0063.
Project duration 21 months.
The total value of the project is 19483.17 Eur.
Investments of the EU structural funds in this amount is EUR 9741.58.
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the project is to develop international partnerships and networking through the EWC in order to seek opportunities for cooperation in international EU R&D&I initiatives.
During the project implementation, the company plans to participate in 6 events. During the events will seek to establish contacts with international partners that develop R&D&I activities aimed at the development of innovative TV & MultiMedia systems, the development of applications for smart TV platforms and the development of other advanced technological solutions.

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Our mission

through continued improvement driven innovations to empower our customers to be one-step ahead of the competition.

Our vision

to become the most innovative TV/media solutions provider globally.

Our values


We always find ways to simplify. We embrace simplicity to ensure effective, more profitable solutions for our clients. Just coding, simply beautiful.  

Master the excellence

We have a thirst for excellence, therefore, we never settle for “good enough” – as true artists, we always master our work to the excellence. We set the bar high and exceed our own standards.  


We are empowered by Agile each day, step-by-step moving towards a more effective, faster value creation for our clients.


We are persistent in our focus to deliver the best results for our clients.  


We believe that our success is our people. Together we are smarter, wiser and more powerful.


We believe that innovation is the future force of the modern companies, therefore, we create exclusive, future-ready smart TV solutions that benefit our clients, their customers, and meet the ever-changing market needs.

Value creation for customers

We transform TV/Media businesses by creating unique solutions that bring high consumer engagement rate, brand recognition, service effectiveness, and profitability. We build long-term relationships by enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses.

UX matters

We believe that beautiful user interface and joyful customer experience are the keys to the peoples’ heart.


We are constantly growing and evolving as a team, however, we grow double as fast when each individual succeeds in fulfilling its own true potential.