Smartivus OTT Middleware

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Smartivus OTT Middleware allows you to manage content, services, pricing, metadata and users in a smart way.

Main features

Unlimited customer profiles
Unlimited CPE quantity and types per customer
Fully manageable carousel control
Integrated CDN control
All based personal recommendations for TV and VoD content
Advanced usage statistics and service monitoring interface

Why our middleware is one of the best?

  • Full virtualization of the industry partner account with possibility to isolate content, accounting material, customer accounts and so on.
  • Flexible equipment type setup system with ability to use advanced streaming configurations for different applications and device types.
  • Integration with DRM vendors approved by Hollywood film studios.
  • “Continue watching” on the same or another device used by the same customer profile.
  • 4K file encoding support by using GPU or CPU encoding selectively.