Stream storage

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Protocols and formats support

MPEG TS Ingest. SPTS, MPTS, Data PID PASSthrough
MPEG TS Monitoring TRIO1290
MPEG TS electronic program guide EPGEIT
MPEG TS advertising SCTE35
MPEG TS constant bitrate output PCR accurate CBR NULL Pid Stuffing
Video resolutons From I88i to 216op (4k)
Frame rates From I to 120 EPS
Streaming protocols RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, WebRTC, MSE-LD, M4S, M4F
WebRTC models Playback and push streams over UPD and TCP trasports
MPEG DASH features Grap handing, CDN-Compatible playout, Subtitles, and Closed Captions support
DRM support DASH Widevine, HLS Fairplay, MSS playredy, Plain AES-128, P;ain CAS (tokens), GS Labs
Supported cloud DRM vendors Conax DRM, BuyDRM (KeyOS), PallyCon, EzDRM

CDN support

Push protocols HLS push, RTMP push, UDP multicaast retransmit
Akamai HLS-Push YES
Peer redirection YES
SSP cluster support YES
SSP cluster ingest YES


Stream ingest failover Automatic recovery to primary source, user configurable parameters and duration thesholds
SSP cluster load balancing YES


Event Handlers YES

Video arcive support

Archive access protocolis HLS, DASH, MSS, RTMP, RTSM, MSE-LD, HTTP MPEG-TS protocols
Granularity Segment
DVR mode Endless tape
MP4 export YES
Scheduled recording YES
Timeshift session Stream
DVR Cloud storage support Amazon S3, Openstack Storage (swift)
Source replication YES
Application RAID YES