Ostkom is a regional cable operator offering internet and digital television services in Latvia. 
Cable TV “OSTKOM” – more than 100 digital TV channels, of which about 20 channels are broadcasted in HD quality, for any viewer generation.

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  • OTT, Set-top box
  • Programming language: C, Java, Golang, Python
  • SDK: Android AOSP
  • Streaming protocols: HLS
  • API: RESTful API

Smartivus was selected by Latvian cable operator – Ostkom to create new generation TV service, that has built-in catch-up as well as time-shift features. As well to craft HEVC video encoding solution that provides smooth TV service and reduces congestion of the network.   


Smartivus provided in-depth OTT consultation that resulted in the creation of complete OTT architecture. Our experts developed innovative end-to-end (E2E) OTT solution. This solution included installation of Smartivus TS video transcoders, Smartivus middleware, media and DVR servers, edge nodes for content delivery and Smartivus IQ new generation Android-based set-top boxes. Smartivus developed the cutting-edge OTT solution that helped Ostkom to gain a competitive advantage in the market and reach, acquire the new customer base.

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